With Soft Eyes & Moss-Covered Hearts, We Shall Surrender.

A thousand shades of green

Blind me with their confident jeweled majesty.

Emerald and avocado and mint

I taste them in my mouth.

Grass as tall as I am

Cuts me down

In all the right ways.

Getting caught in our own bullshit

We forget beauty exists.

We forget breath exists.

The earth humbles our worries

And opens us wider than wide. 

Filling our cracks and crevices with silence

And bright yellow wildflowers.

Vines whisper in our perked ears 

And moss covers our hearts. 

As we breathe slowly and deeply, 

We start to see the lush forest that lives inside. 

For it is always Spring in our souls. 

We just have to remember

To look gently inwards. 

And so it is.

With soft eyes and moss covered hearts, 

We shall surrender. 

And bow down to life. 

And keep going. 

Humbler and quieter

Yet stronger than ever 




Photo: Flickr