We Need to Care More about Self-Care.


As the sun wraps its fierce rays around me, I reach out and hug its light.

I remember that I am spun from that same bright light. 

Radiance surrounds me like a hot net and envelops my thirsty skin. 

I am fire. 

I put my feet on the ground and root each toe into the floor with reckless abandon

I remember that I am as solid and strong as an Oak tree. 

I am earth.

As the gentle breeze dances on my skin, I expand into the infiniteness of the universe.

I fly with bubbles of inspiration and touch fluffy clouds of imagination. 

I am air. 

Raw energy rises up and pulses through my wanting veins. 

It crashes on top of my head like a waterfall

Dripping like caramel all the way back down my body again. 

I embrace emotion and swim proudly in crashing waves of my feelings. 

I am water. 


I honor myself. 

I bow down to my inner nature. 

I bow down to my raw sacredness.

I bow down to life. 


I begin again. 

I step into this day

Knowing that I am whole

Just as I am.