Soft. {Poem}

The fog outside hangs low

Flirting with the mountaintops

In my heart.

It seduces me with a come hither cloudy stare

And gentle roaming fingertips.


Softness, I need you so badly today. 


It's so harsh

This world

My insides start to feel like sandpaper 



Rubbing me  

Raw as an oyster

And cracking me

Open at life's will.


Where are the soft things?


A slow inhale

A juicy hug

A kiss from a raindrop

A stranger’s smile

A few encouraging words.


They're in my heart.

Where I often forget to visit.


I need to recoil

And sit on my souls couch

With a silky blanket

In a fine feathered tree

And stay there for hours.

And daydream

And sing

And swim in jeweled seas of swirling emotion. 


I need, I need

Softness today

So I can




Photo: Pixabay