To Have the Heart of a Phoenix.

Life cracks us and breaks us, twists us and transforms us. 

We stand there in uncertain, shaky pieces, and let it all unfold.


We fall fast, but not to our deaths.

We fall hard, desperate to breathe new life.


We go deep, dancing the way down

Cracking and shattering

Diving at damn dangerous speeds

Sprouting fiery wings to light the way.


We hug huge flames in our feathered hearts

Tickle transformation's cheek as she breathes in our faces

And let life's crooked arms have their unknown way with our wounds. 


We peel back layer after layer.


Traveling far and wide, mostly inside

We seek adventures that kill us and revive us all over again.

We kiss darkness on the forehead

Make love to jealousy 

And swim in thrashing seas of heartbreak. 


We weep and scream and resist because it always hurts.


But---we take a deep, roaring breath, and swallow life's pain whole. 


We exhale fireworks

Spit out toxic poison 

Shriek to the sea and sky and dirty ground. 

And we let go.


We let go. 


With freshly transformed skin

We inhale 

And we rise, like never before.


We are born again

For the thousandth time. 


No matter how life cracks us and breaks us, twists us and transforms us,

We will stand there in shaky, uncertain pieces and let it all unfold.


We will always rise,

Because we know so well how to fall.




Photo: FlickrRay Wewerka