Locking Lips with Darkness.

Darkness comes again, 

A lover I’d rather avoid

But I never do.

Resisting him is pure impossibility. 

He comes, in late Autumn, on a beat-up motorcycle

Smelling of smoky bars and cheap rum 

With a twisted look in his amber eyes.


He says hi,

His lips barely move

His soul says so much more.

And before I know it

I'm roped in. 

He’s dragging me back to his inky lair.


Falling down,

Falling apart,

Falling, falling, falling

Is all I know.


Darkness rips open my heart

And brings up everything I don’t want to look at

It’s too raw to bear.

I shatter from the pressure of it all. 

But darkness must have its sacred way.


I don't want to look at myself when I'm like this,

I want to run away, get away, go far away---


I can’t face myself

Yet I know I have to.


I need to stay here,

Where it hurts.

The shiver in my spine

Tells me what to do next. 

Darkness kisses me

A lip lock to infinity 

And I surrender

I finally surrender,

To the supreme wholeness

Within me. 



Photo: Flickr