The Study of Beauty in a Moment.

With every breath we take, we change.

The only illusion is staying the same.

There is no stagnation. There is no stuck.

The only question to ask is---how to allow the ever-changing present into our hearts? 

How to let life's fiery dynamic nature wake us up to the unvarnished truth of our blindfolded existence? 

How to see that this moment is beautiful, not because of its possibility or its promise, but to see its beauty lies in the gaping flaws---what it isn't, what it lacks, what it can't be.

Because those flaws and lacks and disappointments have absolutely nothing to do with this moment and everything to do with me. 

This moment, like every moment, is a mirror.

If I stop and slow down---will I be brave enough to open my eyes, and if so, what will I see? 

What truths will spill out when I'm finally looking? 

I don't know. I don't try. I don't force. I don't squirm. 

I let life breathe into me. 

I become curious. 

And suddenly, things aren't so noisy. Or chattery. Or complicated. Or busy. 

Things cease to exist at all. 

My body melts like butter into the pitter-pattering sound of the falling rain and I become one with a shy raindrop. I become one with the cool, damp air. 

I am here in this moment not to serve myself or improve myself in any way. 

I am here in this moment---

To be. 

Yes, simply to be. 

And in this there is exquisite, unparalleled beauty. 

In being, we give our hearts to the world, bit by bit, as raindrops and tears splash to the ground hungrily.

In being, we receive. 

We love. 

We are. 

Why is this moment beautiful?

We're still confused. We're still sad; scared; uncertain; struggling; full of flaws and mistakes. 

Yes, because we are still human. 

But this moment is beautiful

Because it's the only damn thing that's real.

This moment is beautiful and you are beautiful in it

Because it's the only damn thing that's real. 


Photo: Author's own.