Stop Chasing Euphoria: Cultivate Something More Substantial.


Happiness fades, joy evaporates, laughter trickles off

Don't chase euphoria. 

Euphoria is addicting, like sugar, like forbidden tongue kisses, like the succulent scent of a new love. 

But it will never give you wings. 

Don't hang your hopes on the sweet swing of happiness, 

It can't hold you up forever, 

And when you fall,

It will hurt like hell. 

Cultivate something more substantial, something juicy, 

Something that cannot be taken so easily. 

Cultivate a sea of swirling wisdom and unbreakable waves of truth. 

Cultivate love so overflowing that you can’t help but shower every soul you see.

Cultivate curiosity so deep it guides you the crackling fires of hell and back.

Cultivate the willingness to be uncomfortable in the face of failure. 

Cultivate gratitude for each step you take,

Taste it all. 

Open your mouth wide

Let the rain fall

Taste every fucking drop. 

Hear the thunder roar. 

Be thirsty for the sheer beauty of being alive. 

Photo: Stock Snap