Moments of Beauty & Madness: F*ck, Despair Has Come Again.

Despair descends, a hawk ready to scoop me up

And throw me down


Do I run? 

Do I turn away? 


It's time. 

I let despair's sharp beak bite into me 

And take me to the depths of hell. 

I fall 

Down, down, down---


Black storm clouds roll my head, I cry out

Thirsting for relief, begging for escape---

I fall into myself. 

I melt into every cell of my soul. 

I breathe through the consuming sobs

I find juiciness in the pain. 

Shedding my skin, a gossamer layer of fear 

Slips away to the bitter-cold breeze.

I see through the foggy tears

I see---

Rock bottom isn't so terrifying

It's fucking beautiful

Because the only way to get out

Is to dive deep

Grow wings

And take flight. 

Photo: Flickr