Drape Your Aching Bones in Love.

Stop dressing your wounds in thick robes fear,

Dress your aching bones in love instead. 

Love is ancient medicine, subtle as stardust 

Mist yourself with it daily, and you will become strong and beautiful 

Impossible to ignore,

An orchid in her heart-stopping prime. 

How long will you suffer and try and look? 

How long will you run and roam and hide?

How long---how long until you stay here?

Here, now, right here, 

The ruby-dusted road that leads to everything.

Look at yourself. 

And this moment, this moment

With your heart open as wide as your eyes

The curtain lifts, 

The smoke clears. 

There is only love. 

Only love and you

And ferocious beauty. 

Stay here. 

Right here. 

Drape your aching, thirsty bones in

The unstoppable satin of love. 



Photo: Flickr