Conversations with my Heart at Midnight.


My heart finds her way under the thick cover of darkness. 

Beneath a foggy, starless sky, she comes alive. 

"Get out of your own way!" she tells me, with a fierce look in her heart-eyes. 

It doesn't have to be so hard. 

It doesn't have to hurt so much. 

You can be free. 

With every beat, she reminds me

Of possibility

Of truth. 

Of love---

The love that's always alive 

In our chests.

"Get out of you own way," she whispers in my ear. 

Her words seep into my dreams, like soap bubbles 

And I wake, teary-eyed and


Just fucking grateful

For this breath. 

This day. 

This happiness, this sadness, this pain. 

Just fucking grateful 

To be alive. 


Photo: Flickr