MOunTain adventures make me feel so alive.

MOunTain adventures make me feel so alive.

One of my favorite places to be—writing at my desk!!

One of my favorite places to be—writing at my desk!!

Sarah Harvey is writer, dancer, coach, teacher and enthusiastic truth-seeker. 

She loves writing poems at dusk, holding space for others hearts, and teaching expressive art to kids.

But she didn't always love life so much. At all. For a long time, as a sensitive soul who had faced some difficult trauma, she found that life was hard and sad and scary and completely freakin' overwhelming. It still is sometimes.

She felt like she was an outcast, a strange creature who didn't fit in anywhere, which as it turns out---was a really beautiful thing! 

By tuning into her inner truth & learning to deeply listen to her voice, she has risen from the depths of worthlessness & struggle.  She now speaks her truth proudly, every damn day. Sometimes with shaky knees. But that doesn't stop her anymore!

She has found that sometimes, when we let ourselves be mermaids and fall completely to the depths--we don’t drown. Instead, that's exactly where we find magic. Love. Joy. Connection. Truth.

She believes that vulnerability is the most beautiful gem in the world. 

She believes we are all destined for greatness, in our own super delicious way. 

She believes in the beauty of a broken heart. 

She believes in you. 

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If you're interested in a life coaching session or writing with Sarah, go here  for more information!